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A place for LSU students/affiliates' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A place for LSU students/affiliates

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Anonymous Confession Board [01 Sep 2008|11:50am]
I finally got one online for LSU, you can check it out here.
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Wooo! Apartment! [10 Dec 2007|12:35pm]

Highland Village Condominiums

1 bedroom available in a 3br/2ba townhouse.

Large living room, washer/dryer, dishwasher, quiet roommates

Located on E. Boyd, walking distance from LSU, on bus route

Available January 1, 2008; lease until August 2008

Deposit $466, Rent $466/month +1/3 utilites

Please comment if you are interested and we'll go from there.
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? [24 Sep 2007|09:43pm]

 Hey guys... I can't remember Carlotta Halloween block party  Friday? Saturday? Isn't it the Saturday b/f Halloween...? I can't remember
help me out here!!!

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Student Worker Needed for the Summer [12 May 2007|01:55pm]

Student worker needed for summer with continuation of employment for fall and spring possible!

Laboratory work with colony maintenance in the Cotton Entomology Lab (Inside)

Looking for someone 20 hrs/week- must be a student.

For more information please contact Josh Temple (jtemple@agcenter.lsu.ed) or Latha Bomireddy in room 528 Life Sciences Building or call 578-1839

Note- this isn't my lab, but I may be answer general questions... I know the job is working on colony maintenance for Cotton pests. They're looking for someone ASAP. You do not need to be a science major.

x-posted to batonrouge
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Sublease! [17 Apr 2007|01:48pm]

I am looking to sublease my apartment for the summer. It is a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in Tiger Manor on July St. It was formerly the manager's apartment, so it is 864 square feet instead of 816 (all the other 2brs), but for the same low rent of $650. Rent covers all utilities except electricity! It's a great place, but need to sublease it since I am going to be living in a house soon, and cannot pay double rent. You can move in June or even May, depending on when I can move into the house. Lease will end in August. Leave a comment with your telephone number if you are interested or have any questions. All comments are screened. Thanks!
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[04 Apr 2007|10:45am]

I have a favor to ask.  I need 50 people to participate in a short, five-question survey for my PR class at LSU.  The survey should only take a minute (literally) of your time.  There's a catch, though:  it is only open to current LSU students.  So, if that's you, please help me out by taking the survey and spreading the word to your LSU friends.


Thanks so much!
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[23 Mar 2007|10:33am]

If anyone wants/needs a ticket to Willie Stark tonight, I have one that I'm not going to use.
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[20 Mar 2007|11:45am]

Hey everyone The Six Parts Seven is playing at the Spanish Moon tonight! Come check them out!
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Summer Sublease available in Burbank Commons [19 Mar 2007|08:47pm]

I'm subleasing my room in the Burbank Commons for the summer: $355 a month + utilities. Completely furnished, Free cable (with HBO) and wireless internet.Awesome, laid back roomies! We lead a pretty low-key life. We don't really party that much and most of the time we're never there. Of course, you are welcome to have people over to hang out!This would be from mid-May-end of July. Spread the word around if you know someone that is looking! This would be perfect for someone taking summer classes at LSU because it's on the bus route! This is also a pretty good price as far as post-Katrina BR apartment rates go.

You can contact me at cgibso5@lsu.edu.

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summer session [12 Mar 2007|01:54pm]

hey, i'm going to be taking summer classes for the first time this year (econ 2030, mus 1751, & span 2155). can anyone explain to me the difference between sessions A & B, and why there are two sessions? my econ and music classes are in session B and my spanish class is in session A.
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Tickets [27 Feb 2007|07:54am]


I am selling two tickets to a Dierks Bentley concert (March 8, Century Tel Center, Bossier City).  I bought them for $80, but am willing to selling them for less.  The seats are on the first level off the ground.  I realized after I bought them that I won't be able to go.  Some of his popular songs include:
-What Was I Thinkin'
-Lot of Leavin' Left To Do
-Come A Little Closer
-Settle For A Slowdown

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[18 Feb 2007|07:04pm]

Hey everyone,

My house got flooded on new year's eve.. I thought I could clean it up, but the mold set in and now I need an apartment quick. Something in the 500-650 price range and it needs to allow a small dog. Any suggestions?
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[02 Feb 2007|01:47am]

Hey guys, so I bought a Sprint Samsung phone model A580 and used it for a whole three days before it got broke. 

Anywho I have the battery from it, brand new if anyone wants to buy it to have a second battery or what not.  

The model number for the battery (i think it is the standard samsung battery) is AB553446BA

Thanks just email me pshoem1@lsu.edu
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TEXTBOOK FOR SALE (math) [18 Jan 2007|05:26pm]

Current MATH 1550, MATH 1552 AND MATH 2057(I think) all use this book.

ISBN: 0534393217

Click here for book information.

I will sell for a decent price compared to what the Union and other bookstores charge.

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textbook buying fun [18 Jan 2007|02:38pm]

I need a Physics 2001 textbook. Some 6th edition, I think all lsu professors use the same one.

also, need an acct 2101 textbook (i think i will need it).

if anyone has either, let me know? I'll do the rest of the work for you.

I'll pay a good price, just hopefully not as much as the bookstore.


*cross-posted to lsu_textbooks and lsu2008*
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[10 Jan 2007|09:19pm]

Does anyone know if the Rec still has the women-only workout area??
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[28 Nov 2006|07:57am]

[13 Nov 2006|03:50pm]

I'm selling a very lightly used white framed daybed with mattress for $150/obo.

email me for info

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[09 Nov 2006|02:11pm]

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had any phone numbers for apartments in the Spanishtown/Downtown area. I'm looking for a two bedroom that will take pets.

Thank you!!

(cross posted)
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Room for Rent [31 Oct 2006|03:28pm]

I live in Beau Pre, in a large three bedroom / two bath house.
One of the current roommates will be moving mid-November and we will have one room for rent.

Large house, kitchen with island, fireplace, backyard, garage
$450 month, includes everything.

respond to this or e-mail klinde2@lsu.edu for more info.
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